It’s here. The Premier Multi-platform Tech Solution for Schools SchoolTron streamlines school attendance and dismissal without compromising student safety, and more, all from the palm of your hand.
SchoolTron Simple. Safe. Smart.
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SchoolTron empowers and connects administrators, teachers, parents,
and students through it’s innovative technology.
School Dismissal is as easy as...
Admin scans parent ID.
Teacher confirms release request.
Student leaves safely.
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How It Works 1. Parents pull up to the designated pick-up area. Staff scans parent or guardian ID badge.
2. Homeroom teacher is notified to release student.
3. Student is released and leaves school building safely. Dismissal is completed within minutes and without hassle.
Benefits Simple to use Speedy attendance and dismissal Real-time student status updates Reduces after school traffic Shorter wait time for parents Enhances communication between school and parents Digital Records for accountability Safe & Secure Technology Saves time & resources Ensures student safety via status tracking Supports Multiple platforms (iOS, Android & Web) Simple student data transfer Training & technical support included
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SchoolTron Web
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SchoolTron offers a user-friendly web interface that allows administrators to oversee school dismissal, student attendance, gradebooks, student & staff profiles, and more.
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We understand what it takes to run a school. Your time and energy is precious; leaving just ten minutes earlier makes a world of a difference. Stress less: SchoolTron will coordinate and simplify your after school dismissal.
You can administer, manage and maintain school attendance and dismissal records. You can print reports organized by date, teacher, and period. The reports include: date, teacher, class, period, attendance and/or dismissal, method of dismissal, and the name of admin and teachers who authorized the dismissal.
Teachers can create and track student assignments, test scores & overall grade for each class or subject.
It’s easy to create, organize, and import student & staff profiles, images, and credentials.
Teachers can directly communicate with parents, share student grades, feedback, and important school news.
You can assign students to specific buses, manage and edit bus routes, and print out up-to-minute drop-off reports.
Dismiss Students Scan QR codes or unique ID tags to queue students up for release from classroom.
Take Attendance Keep a digital record of student attendance.
View Student Profiles Search and update student information, such as emergency contact and class schedule.
Update Class Roster Edit and access the most up to date school information.
Connect with Parents Update and communicate with parents about school news, such as closings, and events.
Cross Platform Use SchoolTron on the Web, on Google Android, or iPhone iOS.
ABOUT US At SchoolTron, our mission is to empower and connect schools, teachers, parents, and students through valuable technologies. We streamline the school attendance and dismissal processes by using tomorrow's technology to make schools safer for students today. As the premier dismissal application, SchoolTron is responsive to the challenges of afterschool dismissal, promoting efficiency without compromising student safety.
What Educator Are Saying About SchoolTron
"SchoolTron has overhauled the way we do dismissal at The Dearborn Academy! Efficient, safe, and simple…dismissal service à la carte geared to individual families! With student names scanned from the parking lot and received by staff in the building, students are readily delivered and picked up via a drive through system. Provides ample opportunities for one-on-one conversations and access to those hard to reach parents/guardians! One try and I was hooked. Will never go back to the old dismissal process!" Afrin Alavi Principal
"I have found schoolTron to be very helpful and efficient for dismissing the students. Unlike the way students are dismissed in public schools, this app helps teachers to stay aware of who has been dismissed and who is still in school." Howayda Bazzi First Grade Teacher
"The SchoolTron app makes dismissal simple. The students names pop up with which direction to send them so we don't have to guess. Also having a school wide system helps everyone be on the same page and consistent with the dismissal procedure..." Renee Grimaldo Third Grade
"I love the SchoolTron dismissal app. I have used it to scan parents in the car line or at the door when picking up their students as well as in the dismissal room to call students to their cars. The app makes it extremely easy to dismiss students and know whether or not teachers have released students from their class. I would highly recommend it for any school dismissal process." Kristy Taylor School Data Analyst
"This was the second year I have used the SchoolTron app for dismissal at TDA. This year I was happy to note that the program was much more stable and reliable. I personally like using the application to dismiss our students over having multiple people shouting into a dismissal room where there are hundreds of students. It allowed for the elementary and middle school to dismiss much faster." Cari Guttenberg Middle School Teacher
SchoolTron Support We provide onsite training for your team. You will be guided through the initial setup and learn how to use SchoolTron mobile and web to address your school’s needs. Support is available Monday through Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM at 800.876.6915.
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